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Vibrant Health Clinic

Medical Cannabis Specialty Clinic

We've arranged referrals for you to doctors who are staying open for now. 
Please let them know Vibrant Health Clinic referred you!

Medical Alternative in Colorado Springs: 719-246-0393
They are seeing adults and children and have 2 doctors on staff to fulfill new requirements for ages 18-20. 

Holos Health in Boulder:  720-273-3568
Adult and 2 doctor exams

Dr. Gedde is still offering follow up phone calls for her existing patients and video calls for all patients. She is no longer writing certifications since she lives outside of Colorado. You can contact her directly: 877-237-8571 or email [email protected] 

Cannabis education and dosing information can be found with these local nonprofits:

Realm of Caring: 719-347-5400 

​Leaf411:  844-532-3411

What's happening?
Due to new regulations set forth in HB-1317, our doctors no longer feel comfortable writing cannabis "recommendations" because under the new regulations the state is requiring the recommendation to be written more like a "prescription" which is still illegal under federal law. There is a huge difference between "recommending" and "prescribing" cannabis. We fear the DEA may get involved eventually and this could pose problems for the doctors and their medical licenses.

It is with heavy hearts to tell you we have closed our doors in January due to HB-1317. Our closing was featured HERE and you can read about the new law HERE
We did not want to comply with the new laws, and sadly it's you - the patient - who suffers. Get involved with the lawsuit and maybe we can reopen some day! 

We are able to keep in touch via email (and love hearing from you), but are no longer taking calls. This is a long message - it should cover all of the questions we are receiving. 

Let me know if you need anything that's not already listed below. Miss you already!
Email:  [email protected]

Referrals to Make this Smooth for YOU:
We are referring everyone to our friends at Medical Alternatives in Colorado Springs. They have been our colleagues for years and we know they will take great care of you. 

Be sure to tell them you're a Vibrant patient for the referral program we've set up. 

Special Vibrant Booking Link is HERE or call 719-246-0393. 

They are located on the westside at 5040 Corporate Plaza Drive # 3. You'll be considered a new patient your first time which is comparable to us at $90. When you renew with them, it's less. 
Medical Alternatives will honor our sliding scale patients - We'll need to confirm the price you paid to us with their manager. 

Medical Record Request:
Next, many of you have requested your medical records. We will be receiving requests through this year via email - so no worries! Many of you thought you could only get the records before we closed, and therefore we have received hundreds of requests. We've asked up to 60 days to fulfill your request (standard in medical offices) so your emails checking the status are bogging down our email. If you've waited more than 60 days - please reach out to check. 

The process is: complete the form HERE 
You'll need to print it out because it does need signed. 
Email it back to us, and we are asking for a donation for our time. 
Suggested donation is $20, feel free to donate what you feel. 

Email:  [email protected]

Since we couldn't have a business account, you can write a check to Jessica Hogan, Venmo @Jessica-Hogan-77 or PayPal  
If none of these payment options are available to you, email us and we will send you an invoice to pay with a debit/credit card. 

Preferred method of delivery is to email you a link to your records - you'll get a message from Dropbox and will need to download the file within 1 year of release. 
*** Check your spam/trash folder too ***

If you don't want to email your request, please mail it to the PO Box we've set up. If it's mailed to our Tejon address it's also being forwarded.  You can mail checks and release forms to:

Vibrant Health Clinic
c/o Jessica Hogan
PO Box 38805
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

Do you need a paper copy of the release form mailed to you? Let us know. 

Help with online registrations:
If you'd like me (Jessica) to do your state registration for you, we'll need to communicate via email (use payment options listed above to pay $20 for online help). If Vibrant did it before, I will have your login information saved. I won't be able to fulfill last minute requests though, so please plan ahead and give me a couple of weeks to complete your registration. A little longer if you want your card mailed to you. 

State fee went up to $29.50 + their $1.33 convenience fee.  I'll need to call you and get your card information for the state, or pay me to cover it on my card (not my preference). We can figure this out on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your patience, I want to help you the best I can through this transition!