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Epilepsy Sufferers... 
My Experience Can Help You Decide If Cannabis Oils 
Are An Option --
& How To Use Them For Best Results

Hello, this is Dr. Margaret Gedde MD, PhD.  Are you or a loved one living with seizures that are not controlled -- even with powerful treatments that have side effects that may be as damaging as the seizures? Have you been wondering about the chances that cannabis oil may provide relief?

Reports in the press and elsewhere tell of remarkable relief from seizures using cannabis oils for some patients, including children. Your state may even allow access now to some cannabis products, or may have allowed access for a while to many types of cannabis products, even those considered marijuana. 

More Access For Many, But Little Medical Help

But because cannabis is illegal at the federal government level (still), doctors cannot prescribe cannabis products at all. Pharmacies do not carry cannabis oils, and there is no published guidance on how to use these whole plant products. 

It is very hard to find a physician who is willing to work with patients to use cannabis, especially children -- and it is near impossible to find a doctor with actual experience guiding patients to get their best possible results using cannabis oils. 

Yet, in my cannabis medicine practice with Vibrant Health Clinic in Colorado Springs, I have now had the privilege of working with the families of hundreds of children suffering from intractable seizures to guide their use of cannabis oils and to help them get their best results. 

A Call That Set Me On An Unexpected Path

This was not always so. In early 2012, when the clinic got a call from the mother of a young child suffering from devastating seizures asking that I see her child so she could access a cannabis oil her research had uncovered, I did not know that my answer would ultimately take my practice in a new direction.  I had seen children for cannabis medicine before, but never one so young, or so sick. 

I was the first doctor who agreed to see the child, and that decision led to my seeing a series of children with epilepsy -- first a trickle, then a continuing stream of families, many moving from out of state, who came to access cannabis oil and to seek our growing expertise based on analysis of our clinical cases. 

Now, even as more and more people across the nation and the around the globe are obtaining access to cannabis oils and may urgently wish to try them, we are unable to keep up with requests for appointments in clinic. 

A New Way To Guide People On What They Must Do 
To Benefit From Cannabis Oils

To meet this urgent and growing need for qualified guidance for patients using cannabis oils for epilepsy, I've analyzed my clinical cases and boiled the insights and actions into six key steps that in my experience a person must take in order to optimize their results from cannabis oils. 

I teach this process to each family that I see in clinic, and now I can teach this process to those who are not my patients through my telecourse, "How To Use Cannabis Oils For Epilepsy". 

With four weeks of recorded audio, I will teach you what you need to know to be able to use cannabis oils successfully for epilepsy - including instruction on efficacy, side effects, drug interactions, types of products and many other topics - organized into a process that you can use over and over again. 

"How To Use Cannabis Oils For Epilepsy" 
Course Schedule​

Week One 
"Get Set: Make Your Plan and Prepare to Start"

Week Two
"How to Dose Cannabis Oils for Maximum Success"

Week Three
"Tracking Response: Measure What You Want to Improve"

Week Four
"Weigh the Balance: Where Are We Now?" / "Turning Point: Where to Go Next"
"Putting It All Together: Combine Your Best Products and Doses for Steady, Stable Relief​"

Just a few testimonials from participants of the first telecourse:

"Thank you once again for all your information, insights and explanations. You have been so helpful in guiding us on our cannabis oil journey, and we are very grateful for your efforts." - Christina S.

"I don't have a question for this last class. Just a thank you. It's been so informative & helpful doing this course. It's also brought so much hope for us in the treatment plan for our little boy. Thank you for providing this course for us all Dr. Gedde and Jessica." - Yvonne C. 

​"First of all, thank you soooooo much for doing this telecourse. I have learned so much just from the preview and week 1 of the course. I'm looking forward to the rest." - Jessica V. 

"I signed up early before the program started and paid more but wanted you to know that I think the value you are providing is well worth even the full amount for the course. Fortunately, I can afford it. And I think that is is especially wonderful of you to offer this reduced rate to families in need. I only wish and do hope that one day there will be such considerations by dispensaries, insurance and pharmaceutical companies to follow your example. The cost of MMJ is quite high right now, especially for the quantities that adults need, and it is medicine — effective medicine — for many of those who have exhausted the traditional therapies available or who have experienced the harsh side effects of anti-seizure medications. And if all doctors followed your example and took an open-minded interest in really caring for their patients, wow, what a wonderful health care system we would truly have. Somewhere along the line most doctors got caught up in making money more than caring for their patients and pursing, and advocating, whatever therapies may offer some hope to those without any.  Keep up the good work, Dr. Gedde and Jessica."  - Cliff K. 

Here's How It Works

Everything is available on our secure webpage. You will be able to log-in to our website and download audio files and transcripts of the classes as well as the course worksheets and tools. This makes a telecourse very simple and convenient! 

What Is The True Cost Of Uncontrolled Seizures -- 
& What Would Help Making Cannabis Treatments Work 
Be Worth To You?

Poor health hurts in so many ways. Relief of suffering can provide layers of real life benefits. 

But it's near impossible to translate health into dollars and cents. When using a new therapy, what is it worth to you to have the guidance you need to get the best possible benefits?

The telecourse is still being offered for the discounted rate of $195. Even though the course has ended, you may still take advantage of getting immediate access to all of the audio and handouts. Sign up today!

Here Is How to Order

​To enroll in the telecourse "How to Use Cannabis Oils for Epilepsy", click the Buy Now button below: 

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Then follow instructions on the course success page and check your email to retrieve the pass codes that will give you access to the course page. 

​It haunts me to think of patients whose cannabis oil could have worked for them, but it didn’t -- because they didn't know how best to use it. Doesn't it make sense to draw on a doctor's direct patient experience and continuing research to give cannabis therapy its best chance to succeed?

Wishing you the best of health,

P.S. To get clarity on the six steps you must use for success with cannabis oils, be sure to register for the free preview class by entering your name and address in the form at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: Remember, information on this web site and in the course is not medical advice. It is medical information provided for educational purposes. It has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. 

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