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Medical Cannabis Exams
Medical Cannabis Exams
We have Dr. Margaret Gedde and 
Dr. Rod Gottula on staff and we will help you complete all necessary state forms and new online registration.

New adult patient exam: $125
Renewal adult patient exam: $105
Returning adult patient exam: $95
Our Physicians are also available 
for follow-up care: 
$60 in-office visit    
$50 phone follow-up
Other level of service and pediatric exams are also available. 
We want our patients to receive balanced care, so we have added several new services to meet your needs. Our doctors recommend other alternative treatments such as Chiropractic care and massage therapy. 

You do not need to be a patient to take advantage of these services, just simply click on our online scheduler to set your appointment today.

For more information please call 719-216-8367

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Vibrant Health

Vibrant Health Clinic
Vibrant Health Clinic

Growing in Health with the “Triad of Health” Model

Applied Kinesiology uses an equilateral triangle called the Triad of Health. The triangle’s sides represent mechanical, chemical and psychological stresses. These stresses are often referred to as “environmental irritants”.  
It is these irritants that increase are bodies stress level and decrease our bodies resistance to stress. These stresses can act upon our bodies individually or together. Their ability to affect us increases over time if not properly dealt with.  
Applied Kinesiolgy attempts to lower the stress levels to the point where the body can overcome its own difficulties. It is not always necessary to eliminate the particular stress that is associated with the specific disease, but rather lowering stresses in general allows the body to heal itself.
Our bodies adapt to stress over time leaving us with altered health. Over time adaptations are stacked upon each other like layers of an onion. Through Applied Kinesiology the layers can be peeled back one at a time until the adaptations are resolved.  

Health and Disease:

Health and Disease are arbitrary labels we place on people.
Both are manifestations of the same thing, the relationship between Stress and Resistance

Stress = environmental irritation; Mechanical, Psychological and Chemical (MPC) – the AK triangle.

Resistance = difference between the current stress level and the stress level at which disease will manifest

When a body crosses the Disease Resistance Threshold, one of four things can happen:
1.It Dies
2.It Heals
3.It Adapts
4.It Stays the Same

We adapt when we cannot fully heal. Over time we acquire multiple adaptations and traumas. The more we have adapted in the past the less we can adapt in the future. When we can no longer properly adapt we reduce our Resistance for future traumas and stressors.  

What is Clinical Kinesiology?